Here is a World of Warcraft fishing guide for those who are engrossed in this MMORPG game. It should be explained first that the primary concept is that the gamer has an avatar that could be trained in various skills that are helpful and/or essential in this virtual world. Fishing is actually a non-essential skill and is classified as a secondary profession. However, it has several advantages such as the provision of food and the fact that it can be a relaxing activity in between battles and adventures.  Guided Fishing Boat Charters Bradenton FL

Fishing can also be a source of gold that could be obtained with little risk. It also complements other skills, such as Tailoring, Cooking, Leatherworking, and Alchemy. Hunters can also use fishing as a source of food for their pets. Fishing also permits you to summon some dungeon creatures, activates a few extra quests, provides rewards for some mounts and minipets, and permits the completion of some achievements.

To begin fishing you must first purchase a basic Fishing Pole for 23 copper if there are no rank- or reputation-related discounts. By the way, you may be able to get your Fishing Pole for free from Diktynna if you complete a certain quest in the Azuremyst Isle.

The next step is to look for a Fishing Trainer, who is usually found near a body of water. Every capital city in the World of Warcraft has its own Fishing Trainer and there may be others in other zones. If it is difficult to locate a Fishing Trainer in a city, you may inquire from the guard. To learn Apprentice Fishing, you will have to pay the trainer one silver piece, if there are no deductions related to rank or reputation.

After you have completed your training, the next step is to go to a body of water to catch your first fish. To do so, make sure that you do not have enemies nearby because you would not want them to distract you. After making sure that you are stepping on dry land and not on water, you then equip the Fishing Pole into your main hand and then cast it. If after casting, you see a bobber on the water, your casting has been successful and all you need to do now is wait for the bobber to splash. If there is indeed a splash, you reel in your first catch. If there is no fish on the hook, you either reeled in too early or too late.

There is also a possibility that what you reeled in was not actually fish but some junk. To ensure that you will not get some junk, your skill should not be lower than the zone’s no-junk skill level. The five usual junk items are Sickly Fish, Driftwood, Tattered Cloth, Tangled Fishing Line and Weeds. The five rare junk items are Old Boot, Empty Rum Bottle, Tree Branch, Rock, and Water Snail. Junk items could be sold for 18 copper each, except the Rock and Tattered Cloth, which can be sold for one silver.